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Strength in Mind, Body and Spirit

Keeping the Art in Martial Arts

Oftentimes, when people hear ‘martial arts’, they think punch, kick, defend.  At Lehigh Valley Martial Arts (LVMA), it’s so much more than that.  We feel that mental and emotional development is just as important as self-defense and discipline. 

At each of our facilities in the Lehigh Valley, we take a unique approach to martial arts training. No matter the skill level or age, we teach students to balance both mind and body.  This is where the true roots of this sport live.

We believe that martial arts is for EVERYONE…from the child who needs focus and discipline to individuals with disabilities…from the young woman learning self-defense to the parent looking for inner strength and calm.  It is a practice that keeps individuals both physically fit and mentally fit. Our programs are designed so that everyone is included and can succeed, no matter what. 

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Martial Arts For Kids

Martial Arts For Kids

Martial Arts For Families

Martial Arts For Families

Martial Arts For Adults

Martial Arts For Adults

Tai Chi

Tai Chi

Little Ninjas

Little Ninjas

Individual Growth Development

An important part of our philosophy is to foster development from the inside out, focusing on techniques that enable energy to flow from within and cultivate peace, while promoting self-confidence, self-discipline, self-defense and respect. This is what fosters the mind-body connection.

Our teaching keeps our students engaged, while instilling in them the 4 Laws of Concentration, so they can be successful and achieve their goals, even outside the Dojo. As students hone these abilities, we often see them grow as leaders with strong positive character traits.

Together We Build Strong Families

For more than 20 years, our team has taught the most comprehensive range of martial arts skills and styles to people of every age in the Lehigh Valley. Students work alongside experienced Karate, Tai Chi and Kung Fu specialists, all committed to the unique goals of each student.

Whether you're coming from an advanced background in Karate or you're a complete newcomer to Kung Fu, you'll soon discover that our instructors tailor their style to foster individual growth.

And it’s common practice for other family members to become involved in a student’s training, either by taking classes themselves or helping to reinforce the lessons learned during training. We feel this strengthens each student’s family unit as well as the LVMA community as a whole.

Long-term Success On and Off the Mat

Martial arts, much like any physical activity, is a lifelong practice, with different skills developed along the way. Our training factors into many life lessons and we truly feel that working together as a family not only builds a stronger bond, but also teaches the importance of working towards common goals and values. At LVMA, we strive to build character, inner strength and confidence in every student we have the honor of teaching.

Check it out for yourself

We love having people come see what LVMA is all about, so you can get acquainted with the team and find out if our approach is right for you. Give us a call to schedule a no-obligation introductory class.

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