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There are so few activities that we can directly participate in with our children, even fewer where they have the ability to teach us. In this day and age, when both parents work and there is an unlimited amount of activities and distractions all around us, it is nice to know that there is one place where families can go and spend time together, work together, learn together, get healthy together, as well as help each other and not be distracted by anyone or anything.

At Lehigh Valley Martial Arts, we give you the tools to unite your family and provide everyone with skills for the future that no other sport can. We know that having a strong family bond helps to instill proper values and moral standards in kids. Martial arts training fosters an atmosphere for families by having them train together.

When families come to train at Lehigh Valley Martial Arts, they gain so much more than learning the sport. They learn how to stay focused as a family, as well as gain greater respect for one another. Martial arts also promotes calmness, self-awareness and an inner peace.

Lehigh Valley Martial Arts believes in instilling self-defense, self-confidence, respect for oneself and others. We strive to instill an unwavering sense of self-discipline that can be carried throughout all aspects of life.

After you meet our instructors, see the discipline of our students and their connection to their mentors, you will see that your family means the world to us. Together, we will help develop your children into strong, confident and successful leaders of tomorrow. 

Allow us to unite your family, enhance your communication and provide tools for the future. Be the family that sticks together from kicking together!

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Martial Arts For Kids

Martial Arts For Kids

Martial Arts For Families

Martial Arts For Families

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Martial Arts For Adults

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