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LVMA Lehigh Valley Martial Arts
Lehigh Valley Martial Arts | Teaching Philosophy
Lehigh Valley Martial Arts

LVMA Teaching Philosophy

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Shigung Miller’s Teaching Philosophy

“The Martial Arts can be integrated into every facet of life. The knowledge and experience of martial arts training can benefit the strongest, weakest, youngest or the oldest of students. Imparting this study of life is as individual as every living thing. The method of teaching them is carefully considered on an individual basis. What a student wants is not always what they need. My goal is to make all of my students a master in life and in martial arts.

What I’ve learned from my teachers, that I believe I also impart: how I want to be treated as a student, to be patient and kind to all types of learners, to continue to learn from teachers and students alike, and to question everything and take nothing for granted.”

Sensei Eldridge’s Teaching Philosophy

“There are 3 main attributes I impart on my students: self-confidence, self-discipline and self-defense. If students are confident, they cannot be intimidated physically or academically. If students have self-discipline, they will not give up on anything. If students are schooled in self-defense, they will be able to protect themselves in any situation, be it mental or physical.

I also strive to teach the 8 traditional values of the martial arts. Those values are courage, justice, generosity, politeness, honor, honesty, loyalty and compassion. I feel the most important one to master is courage. I explain to the students that real courage is not the lack of fear but the performance of one’s duty in spite of that fear. I teach them that without courage the other values will be impossible to embody. It takes courage to be fair in all things when others expect you to side with them.”


Four Great Lehigh Valley Locations


Emmaus, Lehigh Valley
(610) 966-2234


Breinigsville, Macungie
(484) 397-4095


Fogelsville, Allentown
(610) 366-8084

Bethlehem / Easton

Bethlehem, Easton, Palmer
(610) 829-1880